A little about what's happening in our big flower world...

Just a post...

...not even a picture. Just stopping in to chat for a bit on, well, everything.

We have been kinda busy lately. Weddings are in full swing, summer events filling up, planning our workshops, continuing to take new classes on style and esthetic, meanwhile getting out our day-to-day designs. It's kind of magical really. Our house is submerged in flowers and greenery (that includes the little scraps I find in every nook and cranny). It is pretty darn glorious. With this heat, the air conditioning circulates the delicious smell of sweet peas and eucalyptus throughout every room, a real awful problem right? Things we refer to as FPP or "Florist People Problems" which are REAL problems I swear. 

I've heard from many florists that Mother's Day is one big freak-out session. After all, it is our busiest week of the year. But, I am pretty much just plugging along like its just any other week. Just with a lot more flowers & a workshop thrown in there too. Now, talk to me at the end of next Sunday & I may have pulled out most of my hair, dulled all my snips, and lost a few fingers in the thick of it all. 

But really this post is about our people. The feedback & support that continues to pour in is like eating an entire humble pie for every meal. It's just shocking & sweet how living in our home town and growing our little business has brought our support system out from every angle. I wish I could personally thank every single person who has ever mentioned our flowers to a friend, ordered one of our designs, liked or shared our social networking posts, passed along our business card, or even asked how "the flower thing" is going. So here it is...THANK YOU! We couldn't be happier. We are proud to have our little business in this community and love that we are able to give back. Even if it's just through making you smile. Because really, that is the whole reason we do this!

Really though, thanks.