A little about what's happening in our big flower world...

In Full Bloom


There's nothing like the beauty of flowers in full bloom! Here are 5 steps to keep your flowers happy and healthy. Flowers and plants need water and glucose to stay alive! 1) Every 2-3 days, dump out all the water in your vessel...Simply hold the flowers to the side and pour out the old water. 2) Run fresh, cold, tap water into your vessel until about half way. 3) Fill a pitcher or glass with more fresh water add a small amount of sugar (about 1tsp for a pint of water) and a squeeze of citrus (fresh lemon or lime juice). Stir until sugar and lemon juice are dissolved and add the mixture to fill the second half of your vessel. 4) Fill vessel only to the bottom of where the leaves of your flowers start, you don't want the petals or leaves under water as they will grow bacteria. 5) When petals touch each other they will start to bruise. When you notice bruised (brown) petals, hold the stem of the flower and pinch off the bruised petal. This will keep your flowers looking fresh and lively! Your sweet flowers will love you for days to come! XO- The Pollen Mill 


In Full Bloom.